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Big city eats on a small scale budget: Where to eat for less in the Bay

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Here are some of my favorite restaurants in the Bay Area that are reasonably priced and still delicious. I will continue to update this post with restaurants that I go to and enjoy.

Avatar's - 2656 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA

This Indian fusion restaurant highlights the traditional aspects of Indian cooking, such as mixing flavors from various spices and showcasing not only proteins, but vegetables as well. Also, this restaurant combines cuisines, such as their enchiladas and curries, which are served with basmati rice, but combine cheese, an ingredient not commonly found in Indian cooking, with a very common ingredient in Indian cooking such as cumin and chili powder.

After talking to the owner of the restaurant, I learned the correct to cook basmati rice, something I had been doing wrong all along. This restaurant is a great option for a lunch, or a great way to spend the night for a birthday. Combining multiple cuisines and flavors, Avatar's continues to impress after multiple trips.

My No.1 Sushi and Tofu

This Asian restaurant is the perfect option for a late night meal or a weekend lunch without emptying your pocket. Combining flavors from Korea, Japan, and China, this restaurant appeals to most, and with its large serving size, you know you will not leave hungry.

Uncommon in most restaurants, My No.1 Sushi and Tofu serves small platters of sides, such as kimchi, fishcake, steamed vegetables, glass noodles and more, which are all free of charge!

Not to forget, their sushi prices are unbelievably cheap. A sashimi platter for two costs about $24. Each 8-10 piece sushi roll ranges from $8-10. However, my favorite are their udon and ramen bowls. Ranging from $14-16, these large portioned, aromatic noodle bowls are sure to fill and keep you coming back for more. One of these is more than enough for a meal, for a price like this, is a great value.

My No. 1 Sushi & Tofu combines various Asian flavors in the forms of sushi, noodle soups, and more and continues to impress with its deep, bold flavor while showcasing both the ingredients and techniques.


This Indian street food restaurant combines bold flavors from all around North and Central India in Indian classics such as bhel, pani puri, and saboodana vada. With a savory, but not too spicy, flavor, each dish brings you to a loud street in Mumbai, enjoying street food with your family.

Annapoorna's portions are appetizer sized, and like traditional Indian cooking, showcase vegetables along with bright and aromatic spices. Though simple, these dishes are a true delight, and keep impressing with their bold, rich flavor and aromatic touches.

Great Cheap Budget Affordable Restaurants Bay Area Chinese Indian Korean Japanese

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